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Shrine Arch Production

Khartum Shrine Ritualistic Unit is proud to present the Shrine Arch Production.

Objective of the Arch Production: To consolidate and orchestrate Masonic and Shrine quality values into a unique educational and entertaining production.

Thank you to Illustrious Sir Doug McKechnie, Potentate of Khartum Shrine for encouraging and enabling this production to happen.

Noble Bob James would like to thank Illustrious Sir Howard McHenry Past Potentate of Ararat Shrine in Kansas City, Missouri for his guidance, hospitality and friendship without which this production would never been the success it was. All of the people at Ararat Shrine were gracious and invaluable in this effort.

We hope that the performance will be cherished by our Shrine Nobles, wives, and families.

The introduction and explanation relative to Masons and Shriners as well as the importance of the children treated at Shriner’s Hospitals for Children will hopefully leave a positive lasting impression.

It was a labor of love as well as an honor and privilege to be part of this effort.

2019 Shrine Arch Production Cast - October 19th 2019

Arch Production Mgr. - Bob James

Master of Ceremonies Announcer - BobJames

Narrator # 1A: 1st 1/2 - Klaus Knorz

Narrator # 1B: 2nd 1/2 - Larry Ross

Narrator # 2: 1st degree working tools - Greg Ward

Narrator # 3: 2nd degree working tools - Andrew Ramage

Narrator # 4: 3rd degree working tools - Tim McIsaac

Narrator # 5: York Rite and Shrine - Bob Gould

Narrator # 6:Scottish Rite and Shrine - John Hill

Noble Reciting My Old Red Fez - BobJames

Noble Reciting Shriner's Creed - Klaus Knorz

Noble  Editorial Without Words - Bryan Neufeld

Arch Foreman - "B.J."Ken Egerter

Arch Actor #1 - Shawn Burke

Arch Actor #2  - John Cole

Arch Actor #3 Lead Arch Workman - Kevin Davis

Arch Actor #5 Entered Apprentice - Larry Cherrett

Arch Actor #6 Fellow Craft - Ross Johnston

Arch Actor #7 Master Mason - Norm Pohl

Hospital Child Actress - Abigail Neufeld

Sound System - Andrew Rammage

Flag 2 United States - Larry Ross

Flag 1 Canada - Klaus Knorz

Flag 3 Ontario - Greg Ward

Flag 4 Manitoba - John Hill

Flag 5 Shrine - Bob Gould

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