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Pop Cans & License Plates will no longer be excepted at Wilkes Ave the bin has been removed. 

For the short term you can take pop cans or plates to Industrial Metals 550 Messier 204-233-1908 Wayne is our contact person  & advise this is for credit to the Khartum  Shriners  back up vehicle to door # 7  

Kans for Kids


Did you know that the Khartum Shriners collects and recycles aluminum pop cans, pop tabs and cancelled license plates? These items are collected, recycled and the net proceeds are then donated to the Khartum Patient Transportation fund. The Khartum Patient Transport fund helps families from Winnipeg and North Western Ontario, who require medical appointments outside of Manitoba, with the costs of plane tickets, hotel rooms or food while outside of the Province. 

The Khartum Shriners are looking for individuals who will take the initiative and ask their family, friends and neighbors to all come together and collect these items for a great cause. Once you have a bag collected, you can contact the office and we can schedule the Kan Van Team to come out and pick them up.

To schedule a pick up, please call  Dennis Deley at 204-925-1435 or email us using the submission form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the pick up date.

Schedule a pick up from the Kan Van Team!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon!

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