Shrine House, 1155 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 1B9



The Khartum Temple Skooters became a unit of Khartum Temple on January 23, 1986, with seven founding members and Noble Bob Turnbull as the first President. One of our first Members, namely Ernie Marks is still active Skooter Nobles.


The Skooters are led by the unit President, Bill Gilchrist with Vice President – Keith Phillips, Treasurer – Jonathan Cortes .


The Skooter vehicles are 1985 Honda Elite 250cc scooters and are used to perform various routines in Parades and at the Shrine Circuses.  We practice usually every Wednesday evening at Khartum Shrine House Parking Lot during the summer months  May – August.  The bikes also provide practical and economical personal transportation to the individual owners during the summer months.  They are capable of carrying two people, a rider and a passenger, and are equally at home in the City and on Highway travel at up to 130 klms per hour or 70 mph.


The Skooters is a family oriented unit, that is, if the Skooters are invited to a public activity, the Skooters Ladies are considered by the unit to be invited also. The Skooter unit has, at present, a total membership of 13, of which 10 are current riders.  The unit is very active contributing to the overall goals of Khartum Temple, in a guiding spirit of fun and fellowship. The very active participation of the riders themselves, the non-riders and especially our unique Cheering Unit the Skooter Ladies, contributes to the cohesiveness, effectiveness and “Serious Fun” of the unit as a whole.


The Skooters is a growth unit, and is at present looking for more Skooter riders.




FUNDRAISING               Bill Gilchrist & Jack Carmichael



Lorne Britton


Vice President

Joel Segal



/ Treasurer

Jonathan Cortes