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Ill. Sir Denis Lorteau, Potentate 2021

Illustrious Sir Denis Lorteau was born in St. Boniface in 1958. He was the oldest of three boys in a large French family. Denis was actively involved in coaching soccer for his children’s teams. He began working at St Boniface Hospital in 1980 and served in various capacities for over 40 years, retiring in 2020 as a Rehabilitation Assistant.


Ills. Sir Denis was initiated February 24, 2003 into Ancient Landmark Lodge No. 3 and was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on April 28, 2003. He served Ancient Landmark Lodge No. 3 as Worshipful Master in 2009 and is also a member of Ancient Landmark Lodge No. 5, St Paul in the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. Denis served the Grand Lodge of Manitoba in 2011-12 as Grand Sword Bearer. He has been Chair of the Committee of the Unity Masonic District since its formation in 2012. He has been committed to working with our Masonic Youth, serving as Associate Bethel Guardian of Bethel No. 9 from 2010-11 and also served as the Associate Provincial Guardian of Manitoba for Job’s Daughters International. He received his 32nd degree in Scottish Rite Masonry in the Valley of Winnipeg in 2015. Denis is currently serving Gentlemen of the Creeks International as a Board Member, having served as President in 2013, working to support the Shriners Hospitals for Children.


Ills. Sir Denis Lorteau is proud of his Shrine Legacy as a Noble of Khartum Shrine since 2011, when his father-in-law Dennis McLean first placed a fez on his head. He joined the Khartum Komedians in 2014 and has enjoyed clowning around as ‘Dino’ at parades, circuses and community events. Denis began serving Khartum Shrine on the Divan in 2015 as Marshal and has enjoyed attending the various Unit functions as their Liaison Officer since being on the Divan. He also managed the Red Fez Lounge at Khartum in 2016-2017, doing his utmost to ensure the Lounge draws a profit while keeping prices relatively reasonable for our members. He initiated casual meals and get togethers in the Lounge in the form of ‘shindigs’ in an effort to bring the Nobles and their families together and offer a way for the Nobles to bring their friends and Masonic brethren to Khartum.


Denis has attended and participated in the Midwest Shrine Association activities since 2015. He has been appointed by Imperial Sir Jim Smith as a member of the Imperial Potentate’s Aides Committee for the 2020-21 year. Denis has visited the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Montreal, attending the dedication ceremony of this wonderful facility in 2015, as well as in Philadelphia, Twin Cities, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Portland, Tampa and Erie. It has impacted my wellbeing, seeing the work that is done in our Hospitals and the children we help, giving me heart and soul as a Shriner.


He has been married to Lindsey, who is a Past Queen of Sphinx Temple No. 116, Daughters of the Nile, since 2003 and has two daughters, one son and 5 beautiful grandchildren with one more on the way.

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