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Khartum Shriners Burns Institute (SBI) Unit

SBI unit consists of the chairman Emeritus Noble Lorne Gregorash and 4 other Nobles, Steve Garrow, Fred Dagg, Norm Pohl, Richard Bloom and any other nobles who wish to attend a presentation. All nobles and their ladies are encouraged to attend. 

Contacts for presentations are made in three ways 1) nobles who live in the area by contacting the school Division chairman 2) principle of school 3) or by noble Lorne Gregorash. All school children that presentations are made to are from Kindergarten to grade 6. The school is asked to have all students from K to Gr 6 to attend in one sitting for the presentations. The presentations is 45 mins long beginning with an introduction of all Nobles, ladies , guests( firemen, local Media and police) who are in attendance by invitation and a brief explanation of what the Shriners do and the significance of the wording on Shrine Fez. 

We then speak to the children how to fire safe -proof their home. We begin with a 15 min Shrine Cartoon video called " An Ounce of Prevention" made by a Shriner Mel Blank. The cartoon consists of 4 animated characters whose voices are done by Noble Mel Blank. They are Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the cat,  tweety Bird and Daffy Duck. These 4 characters take children thru a home showing all the different areas in the home that can cause severe burns.  After the cartoon there is a question and answer period. Once that is completed, 2 children are picked to demonstrate what to do if their clothes catch on fire. (Stop, Drop Roll). Two more children are chosen to demonstrate how to quickly as possible alert everyone in the home of the fire All families should have one meeting place outside the home. 

A package is then distributed to the teachers to be given to children when leaving school. Packages consists of colouring  book with pictures of fire and burn proofing tips, a shrine fez magnet and stop drop Roll card. This concludes the presentation at this point.


Be Burn Aware

Burn prevention is a key endeavor of Shriners Hospitals for Children®, which is why the health care system began its Burn Awareness campaigns more than 20 years ago. Burn Awareness Week is a kick-off to a year-long campaign. The 2017 recognition will be February 5–11.

Meet Boots and Brewster, the Burn Awareness pair

The Burn Awareness campaign features two child-friendly characters – Boots and Brewster – a caped, cuddly bear and a googly-eyed teapot. In our activity books for ages 3–7 and 8–12, the pair leads children through the various rooms of a house, pointing out dangers and how to easily correct or avoid them.


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